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"Dentists can play a key role in the detection of health conditions...There is a clear benefit to patients of the dental team being able to pick up on the early signs of conditions such as eating disorders or acid reflux, which may appear very subtle and difficult to detect."


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(HealthDay News) -- Your teeth are incredibly strong, and with the proper care and regular dental visits, you can keep them that way.

The American Dental Association offers these "tooth truths":

-Tooth enamel, which is 96 percent mineral, is the hardest subs...

Wine extract 'could help fight tooth decay'

New research shows that drinking wine could be beneficial to your oral health, but that doesn't mean you should over do it.

​The Best Electric Toothbrushes, According To Dentists

Here is a quick buyers guide for electric toothbrushes. You can get a quality brush for as little as $35 or you can get all the bells and whistles for $280.
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