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Ways to avoid scams, theft during holidays

Beware of answering calls you don't know! Scammers don't take a day off during the holiday season. Protect yourself starting today with CallApp!

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Still unfamiliar with our Call Recorder? Check out our infographic below to become a Call Recording Professional!

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Turn your phone's dialer into something so much more... CallApp is now an all-in-one call management App. Always know who's calling, instantly block spam calls, and record calls with ease!

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CallApp is the Ultimate Call Management tool! CallApp offers Caller ID & Blocking, Call Recording, Phone Number Lookup, Detailed Contacts & More!

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Giveaway! Take our survey and let us know how we're doing ☺️ A select few will be chosen at random to receive a free cover or CallApp Premium!

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Don't forget about CallApp+! It recognizes numbers from all of your messaging apps for FREE! CallApp+ is our favorite CallApp feature!❤️
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CallApp wants to give a Free 7 Day Trial of CallApp Premium to everyone! In the CallApp store choose the monthly subscription and don't worry about the price it says! These 7 days are on us :)

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