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How to improve your reading skills with Anna Siepert

How to improve your reading skills with Anna Siepert: Get practical ideas on how to establish good reading habits. Join our Cambridge English Qualifications Specialist, Anna Siepert, live on Facebook, on Tuesday at 11am UK time (GMT). She'll also be answering reading questions you mig...

How to improve your reading skills with Anna Siepert

How to improve your reading skills with Anna Siepert: Get practical ideas on how to establish good reading habits. Join our Cambridge English Qualifications Specialist, Anna Siepert, live on Facebook, on Tuesday at 11am UK time (GMT). She'll also be answering reading questions you mig...

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If you're ready to get involved in something, you might be 'waiting in the wings' for the opportunity.

Check out this idiom that comes from the world of theatre where it described the actors waiting at the side (the wings) before going on stage in a play.

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"Oh, hi Pete – I haven't seen you in ages! How have you been?"

That's the kind of thing you might say in English when you bump into a friend you haven't seen for a long time – but what do you say in your language? How would you translate your greeting into Englis...

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Here are some useful resources to help with your language learning. Follow some of these hashtags for more resources, try out some of the free tools when you're reading online, or browse some of the videos in the YouTube channels.

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What do you say when you don't know something will happen, but you want it to? To do this in English, the verb 'hope' is just the word we're looking for. What do you hope for in the future?

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What are you waiting for? Here’s another set of phrases for talking about what you expect or hope will happen in the future – this time they all include the verb 'wait'.
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Intense Marriage Course - Session 1 - The Ideal Muslimah 2018-02-25 14:51

Intense Marriage Course - Session 1: Something profound I read today which tells us the importance of knowledge and preparing yourself with knowledge before getting married. "If you have given a divorce or you have gotten a divorce and you both are then running towards Imams and Muftis to know what to do next, that running is the reason of your divorce." - Now this could be understood in so many ways: The couple is immature they do not understand the seriousness of marriage or of divorce. They did not prepare before marriage or put any effort in learning about what marriage in Islam entails. She married a man who thought Divorce was a joke or she married a man who was not knowledgeable enough. Couples who know how serious saying "Talaq" is which ofcourse comes with proper knowledge of Islam will never utter that word. They will take breaks, they may not speak for a week, they may make effort to go on a holiday, or go for umrah and hajj, they will do 1001 things before even dreaming of saying that word. I want to be clear and say sometimes sisters are extremely stupid as well. A little fight happens and they start provoking husbands for Talaq they start saying things like "then leave me give me talaq right now and leave if you are so fed up of me". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Although provoking is no reason to utter talaq but as sensible Muslims we need intelligence and rigorous education for both the parties who are entering into marriage. These days I am hearing about Talaq left and right (love marriages and arranged marriages both!) and how not just two human beings but two families are destroyed by it and when children are involved innocent lives are literally scarred for life! Now after reading this lets not go on blaming our scholars or parents or xyz people. We are young adults and there are sooo many resources online to make notes and to learn from books and lectures on marriage. MARRIAGE IS NOT A JOKE. TALAQ IS NOT A JOKE! MARRIAGE IS HARDWORK! If you are not properly prepared you will fall on your face. Marriage goes way above and beyond intercourse and producing children. It is the only relationship that will continue in Jannah. This point alone should tell you all about its importance. Getting married? - Learn Fiqh of Marriage and Divorce. - Learn how to communicate properly. - Learn how to control anger. - Learn how to stay patient. - Learn how to overlook faults. - Learn how to stop knit picking or tearing each other apart. - Learn how you can SERVE! LET ME REPEAT - LEARN HOW YOU CAN SERVE. You should marry to serve the other person and not with the mindset that the other person will serve you. - Learn your rights but memorize your obligations. Allah will not ask you about your rights if someone is not fulfilling them they will answer to Allah. But Allah will definitely as you about your obligations. Sisters there is so much I can talk about on this topic. Please educate yourself and I BEG YOU TO MARRY A MAN WHO IS PIOUS! And I do not mean just Beard and Pants above ankle pious. Because we know many such "pious men" who are beating up their wives black and blue. I am talking about brothers who are pious in true sense. Who are actively serving community, who are good to their parents, who are not easy/loose with sisters, who are jovial and kind, who are devoid of arrogance. Please take time and get to know the brother, ask at least 100 questions. If that brother is pious he will be happy that he is marrying a girl who is seriously concerned about who she is marrying and not blindly marrying someone based on a two page word document biodata. Read atleast 100 articles on relationships. Read atleast 5 books about marriage. Get counselling if possible before marriage. It is not about the dress or the diamond ring. It is about two different personalties coming together for the sake of Allah (sometimes astaghfirullah it is not for the sake of Allah, its just another blind step in life). Please choose your spouse properly. Please do not rush into marriage. Also keep asking this question "WILL I MARRY SOMEONE LIKE ME?" Also remember the person you marry will be the FATHER OF YOUR CHILDREN! So much heartache can be saved if we educate ourselves and get out of ignorance! This lecture series is a good place to begin with. :) Before trying to complete HALF OF YOUR DEEN. You need to put serious effort and learn the other half yourself.

The Ideal Muslimah Photo 2018-02-25 02:48

All I'm saying is a man who prays is A Man Submitted to Allah, and A Man Submitted to Allah is a Man You can trust to lead you to Jannah. A Man who has not honoured Allah will never fully honour you. If he can replace god he can definitely replace you may be not physically but definitely emotionally, romantically and psychologically. If a man really and truly wants to be a good husband to his wife, he must also possess fear of Allah. If a man has the fear of Allah,it is this fear that most influences his relationship and his dealings with his wife, he fears what Allah may do to him if he harms her or treats her in a way that is unjust and therefore will never mistreat her in any way - physically or verbally. He knows that he has to meet Allah and answer for all that he has said and done. "'O Hasan I have a daughter. To whom do you think I should marry her?' Hasan said, 'Marry her to [a man] who [fears Allah]; for if he [truly fears Allah] and if he loves her he will honor her and [even] if he doesn't love her, he will never oppress or abuse her [because he fears Allah].'" - Imam Hassan (ra)" #Qawwam