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Cambridge Assessment English Photo 2018-10-09 06:01

What can we help you with🙋🙋🙋? What topic would you like us to focus on in our Facebook live sessions.

You can see recordings of our past Facebook Live sessions under the video tab on our Facebook page.
Cambridge Assessment English Video 2018-10-02 06:01

Cambridge Assessment English Video 2018-10-02 06:01

An important feature of communicating is checking people understand what you’re saying – but how do you do this?

Well here are four useful expressions to do just that! Add them on at the end of a statement so you can be sure whoever you’re talking to is getting the right message!


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How good is your word stress? 🤔
%0ATry this FREE activity on our website to learn the difference between pronouncing ‘responsible’ and ‘presentation’!
And tell us which words you would like to learn how to pronounce!

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Does this sound familiar? ‘I can manage in English but I don’t really think that I’m improving much.’ 🤷

Are you stuck in your comfort zone? What are your top tips for getting out of a language learning comfort zone?

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Check out Episode 1 of our free audio series, ‘Virtually Anywhere’🎧.
%0AIn this episode, archaeology students Geeta and Paul argue about which location to study for their final piece of coursework.

Suddenly they are contacted by a mysterious character called the Professor, who says he wants ...

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We love listening to it, but there are many other words that often appear in texts with the word ‘music’ 🎵🎵🎵.

Which of these best describes what you do with music?

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Practise using relative pronouns with this FREE activity on our website.

If you find the activity too easy, just search on our site for ‘proficient’ level activities.