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PITCH PROBLEMS: ‘One VC told me, just become an NGO' - Times of India

Sonali Srungaram says "My biggest struggle has been dealing with the lack of recognition for social entrepreneurship in India. People understand traditional terms like 'for profit' or 'not for profit'. But, social entrepreneurship straddles the two, and has a double bottom line&...

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The survival rate for colon cancer is 37% in India as compared to 50-59% in most other countries.

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Choose My Plate - A Guide to The Right Nutrition | Cancer Helpline

My Plate is a representation of the necessary food groups in every individual’s plate. Unlike the food pyramid, which had the same guidelines for everybody, my plate’s composition & amount of consumption varies according to gender, age and physical activity. The 5 food groups that are ...

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The technical definition of exercise is any physical activity that enhances or maintains your physical fitness and overall health & wellbeing. Exercise is one of the simpler things to do which helps you be healthier & prevent disease.

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Call us for a second opinion about your cancer diagnosis. Our panel of doctors will offer you an in depth assessment.

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Hidden Costs of Cancer | Cancer Helpline

In India, several households are single income households. So if the income earner has cancer, this indicates a loss of monthly income. This implies that the family has to support the treatment by using their savings.

Cancer Facts & Statistics In India - Cancer Helpline 2017-10-24 05:35

An alarming rise of cancer related incidences has revealed startling facts on the growing number of different cancers in India. According to an international study and as per WHO, the survival rates of cancer patients are either stagnant or going up at a very slow rate compared to developed countr...
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Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Photo 2017-12-14 15:03

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka proudly introduces the nation’s first Gamma Probe in clinical practice – a device that helps detect and localize suspicious lymph nodes without opening the entire armpit (axilla), and helps in SLN biopsy and staging the cancer. SLN biopsy has rapidly emerged as the most exciting development in the surgical treatment of breast cancer since the beginning of the breast conservation concept. It has the potential to identify those patients most likely to be helped by axillary dissection in the “node positive” patients but spare the “node negative” patients.