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Photos from Cheerleader's post - Cheerleader 2018-04-03 02:21

Hey Everyone,

We're happy to announce that we have a brand new Cheerleader HQ! Our last semi-permanent space was shut down over a year ago, and we’ve been searching for a new spot ever since. As you can see from the photos, we still have a bit of spring cleaning to do, but we've ...

Cheerleader Photo 2017-12-19 22:00

Ethiopiques, Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz 1969-1974. The whole thing is amazing, oldie but a goodie. Stand out track -“ Tezeta (Nostalgia)” one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard. #tuesdaylistening

Cheerleader Photo 2017-12-05 20:09

Sixteen Jackie’s. Great live band, Joey DeMarco’s got a killer voice, fantastic guitar work. Check out “Movie Was Bad”

Cheerleader Photo 2017-11-30 21:43

Shorty with short hair ⠀
#tbt #phillymusic #livemusic #thewombats #chrleader #shortyboyboy #indierock #philly #roland #rolandkeyboard ⠀
PC: Infectious Magazine May 2015⠀

Cheerleader Photo 2017-11-28 19:42

Great tune from an under appreciated band. Their whole catalogue is super solid.⠀
The Cleaners From Venus - “Only a Shadow”⠀
#tuesdaylistening #thecleanersfromvenus
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