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R.O.A.L.- Part 10

On day 16 the boys headed out early for white Rock, British Columbia and the Pacific Ocean. There was an air of celebration for sure when they finally poured the Atlantic Ocean water that they been carrying for 16 days into the Pacific!

Shortly thereafter, they hea...

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R.O.A.L. - Part 9

Day 12 and 13 were both spent at the cabin in the Rockies. On day 12 the "Roalers" toured the area around Banff and tried to take a few pictures of the mountains but they were challenged by the extreme amount of smoke from all of the forest fires this year. ...

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R.O.A.L. - Part 8

Day 10 and the boys are halfway through their journey.
Peter is riding a 1981 Goldwing which just happens to be the first year that Honda manufactured Goldwings outside of Japan on US soil and Steve has a 10th anniversary model commemorating the 10th year of production in... Photo 2017-09-11 16:51

An Iowa motorcyclist is drawing a lot of attention last year on Des Moines roads for his unusual side car passenger -- a 150-pound Great Dane named Elvis.

source Photo 2017-09-09 16:13

R.O.A.L - part 7

The guys left Kenora, Ontario on the morning of day eight and had a couple of long riding days, particularly given the age of the bikes, that landed them in Medicine Hat, Alberta by the second night.

They were pretty pleased with the progress as they went through ...

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R.O.A.L. - Part 6

Everything is going very well up to this point but the guys are really looking forward to a down day to perform much-needed maintenance and some repair to the bikes.

Al is riding the original 71 CB750. He is convinced that the bike actually makes oil, because the level...

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Part 5 – R.O.A.L

On their third day Andy and his friends headed from just west of Montreal on their way to Northbay and everything was going very well, until the ‘81 GoldWing had a clutch cable break that left them on the side of the road once again.

Three vintage bikes, three days,...

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Part 4 – R.O.A.L

Andy and his friends are on their way. Everything is going very well but not without incident as you might expect when vintage motorcycles are involved.

On day one Andy’s bike was the problem child that left them on the side of the road not once but twice. They diagnosed ...

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PART 3 - R.O.A.L.

In one of our previous post we talked about the great trip across Canada and a part of the US of Andy and his friends that we will be following.

Before they took off a full motor rebuild was in order for over the winter of 16/17, as well as repainting the original ta...
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