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colourblock Photo 2018-05-24 01:19

There's still time to register for my "Bring Home the Bacon and Egg" glass ornament workshop at Grand River Glassworks in Waterloo, June 8 and 9!
All the info is at

Grand River Glassworks - colourblock 2018-02-19 13:37

Glass casting fun with Janet Panabaker on November 24 & 25, 2017 at Grand River Glassworks - we made charming Gingerbread Men and Shimmering Stars.

It was so much fun we hope to do another glass casting workshop in the Spring (2018).

Stay tuned!

colourblock Photo 2017-10-13 13:41

This 2015 piece is called "Billions Served." The burger and fries are made of kiln-formed and cold-worked glass but the tray and wrapper are of course plastic and paper, respectively. It is now part of a very cool private collection in Toronto.

Trios - colourblock 2017-09-24 13:52

Sometimes I’m just not very nice. A few years ago I displayed my plate of “Fettuccine Carbonara” at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. Over those eleven days, I grew very tired of people pointing to the pale wide noodles, completely free of tomato sauce, and saying “look at the spaghetti! O...

Trios - colourblock 2017-09-17 16:22

These three, while superficially representing breakfast, lunch, and supper, are actually part of a larger series entitled "Seven Suppers with my Mother." The frying pan on the right was my mom's own, used almost every night of the week to feed us for several decades. St...
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Tate Photo 2018-05-25 19:42

Calling all Constable fans! You can now see Constable's 'Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows' at Tate Britain following its five-year journey across the UK as part of the Aspire programme. Constable began the painting in 1830, and after being exhibited in 1831 it remained in the artist’s studio – where he continued to retouch it – until his death in 1837. The painting is being shown alongside Turner’s Caligula’s Palace and Bridge 1831, marking the first pairing of these two works since they were exhibited over 180 years ago.

MoMA The Museum of Modern Art Photo 2018-05-25 19:18

“One thing I wanted to do was take pictures that felt like they were not burdened with visual conventions. I wanted to take pictures that felt like seeing.” This is the last weekend to explore our #StephenShore retrospective, covering the six-decade career of one of the most influential photographers of our time—from his early work taking pictures in Andy Warhol’s Factory to road trips across America. We bid farewell to the exhibition on Monday, May 28: … [Stephen Shore. “West 3rd Street, Parkersburg, West Virginia, May 16, 1974.” 1974. Chromogenic color print. © 2017 Stephen Shore, courtesy 303 Gallery]

American Museum of Natural History Photo 2018-05-25 13:48

Happy Fossil Friday! Alioramus altai is a small, meat-eating dinosaur—a horned, long-snouted, sleek cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex—that likely lived alongside larger predatory relatives. When it was discovered in 2001 on a joint expedition to Mongolia’s Gobi Desert by scientists from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the American Museum of Natural History, the Alioramus fossil offered evidence that two very different tyrannosaurs lived in Asia side by side: the small Alioramus altai and the megapredatory Tarbosaurus. That’s not unlike how lions and cheetahs live in the same area today but exploit their environment differently. Skeletal reconstruction or skull: Frank Ipolitto

Photos from National Gallery's post - National Gallery 2018-05-25 13:01

Today, we're celebrating 'The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Monet & Architecture' by sharing some of the paintings that Claude Monet worked on when he travelled across Europe. From London to Venice, scroll through to learn more about some of the works that you can see in our exhibition. Book your tickets to the exhibition here, Members go free: Read more about Monet’s representations of historical buildings, inner cities, beach resorts, railway stations and busy harbours in our exhibition catalogue here: