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Pressed Picnic Sandwich with Roasted Red Pepper

Hitting the great outdoors this weekend? Pack one of these Italian sandwiches—with marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper and a pepperoncini spread—and grab your picnic blanket.

12 Ways to Sweeten Those Stalks of Rhubarb

Combining rhubarb with strawberries can sometimes detract from the solo brilliance of this red stalk. Not up in here! Rhubarb is front and center in these pretty pink crisps, which are sweetened with just a bit of strawberry jam.

Cooking Channel Photo 2019-03-25 18:00

Get ready to pile it on thick; these treats are stacked to the ceiling! Tonight on the Best Thing I Ever Ate, star chefs explore their favorite layers of goodness, from surprise rainbow cakes to plantain lasagna to Grasshopper-flavored Baked Alaska. Tune in at 9pm ET.