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CrazySoft Limited Photo 2018-11-15 08:49

Just released for America and Europe regions.
It works great on both tablet mode and TV mode with pro controller!

CrazySoft Limited Photo 2018-10-25 07:37

Personality and Psychology Premium just released for Nintendo Switch!

CrazySoft Limited Photo 2018-10-23 09:28

Palm Reading Premium just released for PlayStation 4 Store!

CrazySoft Limited Photo 2018-10-12 08:56

Frutakia 2 just released for Nintendo Switch!

CrazySoft Limited Photo 2018-10-04 09:54

Get our latest completely remade version of Palm Reading Premium at Google play with a huge 60% discount. Only 4 days left.

CrazySoft Limited Photo 2018-06-10 07:57

Win a free copy of Personality Psychology Premium in Steam today!

Just write here:
in this discussion why you want to try this App and I will send
you a free copy of it today. The first 10 replies will get a free Game!

CrazySoft Limited Photo 2018-06-08 13:37

Personality Psychology Premium Version 2 is out! Remade completely!
1) Completely redesigned from scratch.
2) Supports both 32bit and 64bit.
3) Now is full of particles, effects and super poli...

CrazySoft Limited is with Khada Jhin. - CrazySoft Limited 2018-06-01 07:05

Personality and Psychology just released for PlayStation 4 Store!
Search “Personality” and find it in your local PlayStation Store.

Explore your Personality, PS4!
Stressed? Tensed ? or worried… Try it now.!

Personality Psychology Premium app helps in getting you the analys...

CrazySoft Limited Photo 2018-05-11 13:31

* `

~ S A N T O R I N I I S L A N D ~


*The four objects you start with are the stone ...
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FarmVille Photo 2018-06-05 19:42

ATTENTION, Farmers! 📢 FarmVille is turning 9 this June 🤗 and you are invited for a month-long celebration! 🎉🤩 Send us your birthday greetings below, and join the "FarmVille Birthday" Farmstand for exciting rewards! 🎊🎁 Use the hashtag #FarmVilleBirthday #FarmVilleTurns9 NOW! ️👨‍🌾9️⃣👩‍🌾 Thanks for being with us throughout these years! 😊 #TuesdayThoughts #FarmVille #Birthday Official and Complete Walkthrough: PLAY NOW!