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Cre8PLUS Photo 2016-11-11 11:58

#AwardsPLUS 好開心我地憑住「Ori豐連」項目,榮獲Marketing Excellence Awards 2016兩項大獎:Excellence in Custom Publication金獎及Excellence in Advertising銅獎!感謝所有同事嘅努力!

We are pleased to announce the Ori property launch campaign has been awarded "Gold - Excellence in Custom Publication" and "...

南豐集團 Nan Fung Group - 豐連Ori - Cre8PLUS 2016-08-26 11:47

Inspired by an organic lifestyle of simplicity, the residential initiative Ori has finally be launched, and it was our pleasure to be entrusted with the property's concept creation in the past year and a half.

Property: 豐Or...