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MEGA - Creed Dekaron 2018-01-19 23:11

Patch 5 -!FQQ1WRRa!T4hPceZsnoedFseg_SnctyYV2dUQ8f42QIwBiMpJeP0

Loa Castle:
Darin NPC removed
175 II NPC removed
Sacred Claw NPC added
Permanent reshield added

Sacred Claw:
NPC added next to Farm Maps NPC
Farm perp (can be purchased from St...

MEGA - Creed Dekaron 2017-12-01 07:27

12.01.2017 Update Patch
- Fix Mage/DW Def
- Fix Gems Bug
- DF Timer Fixed
-- 2X GP/PP Enabled until weekend
Download and place inside your bin folder (replace the old one)!bV0Q0Y5a!3o1l7EiVmsibb6KtpOovp_X1xiE8hmbn7-EWPYPLVug

MEGA - Creed Dekaron 2017-11-27 18:08

Update is out.

Extract to your Creed Client folder, than run creed.exe through bin.
This is temporary till we will have finished auto updating launcher.

Download here:!lW5V2ZTZ!-tLIyWTMZLs5hf6YQUpoiEA2PCDKeFhnqsJ9Lo2b4G0