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New scrappage policy unlikely to perk up demand significantly

#CRISIL expects the impact of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India’s proposed vehicle scrappage policy to be limited as the latest policy draft only includes vehicles older than 20 years, which would limit the scope. Read the detailed impact note:

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In India, more than 71% of the working elderly work out of necessity or some compulsion, and not by choice. How would this affect #PensionPlanning policies? Read CRISIL and PFRDA’s report 'Security for Seniors' to know more.

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While #Pension is globally considered the bedrock of #SocialSecurity, India comes short in this count as most of the workforce is concentrated in the unorganised sector. Read #CRISIL and PFRDA’s report ‘Security for Seniors’ to know more.

Measurable development: When cities compete

#CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory’s Ravi Podar in his latest article on city #Rankings which appeared in the Indian Express says: While competitive ranking helps, it should not be oversold, or used as the base for strategic policy advice, as much as an opportunity for identifying gaps for ...

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Get more confidence in #RiskManagement with in-depth awareness of #OperationalRisks and learn about tools, practices and models to control the risks effectively, without affecting the business growth and returns. Sign up for #CRISILs #ExecutiveTraining programme:

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India’s economy is set to see an upturn, spearheaded by four Rs that will critically determine the extent of pickup and its sustainability. Read more in our premium report: – ‘India Outlook 2018: The FouRs of Growth’:

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Beat the layered nuances of #HedgeAccounting & #DerivativeStructures with strong domain knowledge & an applied practical illustrations based workshop aimed to outdo your audit challenges. Sign up for #CRISIL's #ExecutiveTraining programme. LINK

Education loan receivables - newest asset class to be securitised in India

#EducationLoan receivables are the latest asset class in India’s #Securitisation market, and CRISIL Ratings rates the first transaction of its kind, issuing ‘Provisional CRISIL AA-(SO)’ and ‘Provisional CRISIL A+(SO)’ ratings to the Series A1 and Series A2 PTCs, respectively. Rea...

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Learn about the various #OperationalRisks in your business and overcome business challenges with #RiskManagement initiatives. Tackle the risks with our practical approach & banker case studies. Sign up now for #CRISIL's #ExecutiveTraining programme.

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Improve your knowledge of #CreditRisk & other credit concepts by understanding the appraisal process for working capital finance & learning about cash credit system and supply chain financing. Sign up now for #CRISIL's #ExecutiveTraining programme.

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Get an in-depth understanding of #CreditRisk & rating framework and be prepared to make more informed business decisions based on a #RiskAssessment & rating exercise leading to business growth & returns. Sign up today for #CRISIL's #ExecutiveTraining programme http:...

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Sustainability of India's economic recovery depends on effective implementation of recent key #Reforms like #GST, #RERA, #UDAY—which have the potential to be transformative in the long run, but whose near-term impact is mixed at best. Read more in our premium report — ‘India Outlook ...
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