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Safeguard duty of 70% will put 3 GW solar projects at risk

Levying 70% provisional safeguard duty on imported solar panels and modules from China and will put ~3 GW of solar projects under implementation, worth over Rs 12,000 crore, at risk. Details in #CRISILRating’s note here:

CRISIL Limited Photo 2018-01-16 12:48

#India did not benefit much from the global recovery of 2017. Can it take advantage of the global upturn in 2018? #CRISILChartbook

CRISIL Limited Photo 2018-01-16 12:41

As India gears up to the join the accelerating global economic bandwagon, a troika of risks loom: (1) the lingering impact of domestic disruptions, (2) asymmetry in monetary policies of advanced economies and (3) spike in crude oil prices. Can India overcome these challenges and jo...

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Pave the way for rapid adoption of #RenewableEnergy in India by garnering a granular understanding of the ever-evolving energy mix and regulatory framework in the #Power sector. Sign up for #CRISIL’s #ExecutiveTraining programme to learn more:

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#CRISIL’s #ExecutiveTraining #IndustrySeries provides an in-depth understanding of the #NBFC sector and builds confidence in one’s ability to assess key aspects in the path ahead. Sign up today:

CPI up despite higher base, big pop in IIP

As the #CPI-based inflation continues to be on the rise, CRISIL maintains the average inflation forecast at 4% for fiscal 2018. It also reports that one would have to view the sharp pick up in #IIP growth cautiously since this index has generally displayed large volatility in the past. Read ...

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Interested in knowing about the innovations in debt financing for Indian corporates? CRISIL’s Executive Training programme will teach you how to design financial structures in debt financing through the analysis of real life case studies. Sign up today:

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CRISIL’s Executive Training programme will teach you how to build an accurate financial model from a debt and equity perspective, through an understanding of the model’s various constituents and complexities. Sign up to learn more:
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