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CSR Racing - Stand by for an EXTRA SPECIAL HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY | #Ferrari Enzo: la supercar perfetta. #MuseoFerrari | New event featuring The Fate of..

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We'll have 12 Golden Envelopes containing 12 different prizes... ask us a question with #ASKCSR2 and if your question is answered on the live stream, you'll get a to pick an envelope! Tune in here at 8:...

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New event featuring The Fate of the Furious! Complete Hobbs’ Fury event and get the mind-blowing ‘Ice Charger’ for FREE!

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For those of you who lost fusion parts as a result of a bug with the Fate of the Furious event, we have released an update which stops players from losing any further parts and from today, we will be returning lost parts to those affected. Bear with us as we work through returning parts – you sh...

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ALL NEW RELAY MODE! Bring back the crew from The Fate of the Furious and race with up to 5 of your favourite cars back to back!

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Thanks for your patience while we worked on a fix for the fusions parts issue related to the latest Fate of the Furious event. We have now released a new update which will stop players from losing any further parts. This update is being rolled out now, so please make sure you update as soon as you...

CSR Racing Photo 2017-12-07 15:20

With the Prestige Cup starting today, we wanted to give you a quick heads up on a small temporary change. There will be no parts crate for the Prestige Cup car for the next two seasons – this is a temporary change and the parts crate will return in season 48, which begins on 28th December.