Dancing Shoes

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Dancing Shoes - Just a Glance.. Wil.upload full vdo soon... | SHARE !!SHARE !!SHARE !!,WE ARE BACK AGAIN... | One of Dancingshoe's Star...... Ready..

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IIPM is with Arindam Chaudhuri. - IIPM 2017-10-04 06:18

Not just for Global Humanism but even for "Personal Success", the first thing that we all have to do is to stay away from this illogical and time waste of a concept called of God. The more you will believe in God, worse will be your life and less will be your success. Because there is absolutely nothing called God. Believing in God is like handing over the reigns of your life to someone that's as imaginary and non existent as Superman or Wonder Woman. And it's a pure waste of time to even spend a moment thinking of God or praying to her/him... No prayer has ever been heard or will ever be heard. Everything that happens is due to your efforts or at times luck/coincidence. The time we waste in praying to God, should be used in much more useful work to build on our mission in life in order to achieve success and to take control of our life. God is the best tool to keep people fooled, exploited, manipulated and even unproductive. And with the current state of affairs in the Indian society the first thing everyone should stay away from is this non existent medieval concept of God that was used to explain everything that was unknown to mankind, to uneducated shepherds of those medieval times. From birth to rainfall to thunderstorm to evolution, everything that was attributed to God has slowly been explained by science. Scarier is the divisive concept of religion based on this completely fraudulent and man made concept of God. Focus on your goals . Work on them. Achieve them. And for your child's future's sake please don't force such irrational concept on the poor kid just because your parents did that irrational thing with you. The only reason we believe in God is because our parents forced it down our throats and never let us question it's complete irrationality. Don't do it with your child. Let him grow independent, logical and confident without any fake fear of the irrational. Be it Gods or Ghosts. Loves always....