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71 Servings
30Gm Pure Isolate Protein In 32Gm Of Scoop
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The two best products by Muscletech finally available in 10 lbs and 12 lbs bags. The all new MassTech available in 12 lbs and Nitrotech available in 10lbs. Limited stock available. So hurry up. Get your bag only @ Deccan Fitness.
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Flavour that suits your taste buds, easy to use and amazingly effective. Our 100% WHEY Gold standard has everything you need! Have you tried it yet?

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At Deccan Fitness we aim to keep you #fit and #healthy. 💪💪

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Hello everyone! :D

Hope you're having a great time. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 🎅 %9F 🎅

- ON Gold Standard Whey 10 lbs @ INR 10,500
- ON Gold Standard Whey 5 lbs @ INR 6,000
- Giant Sports Delicious Protein 5lbs @ INR 4,500

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High #Protein diet helps you lose weight as they make you feel fuller for a long time and hence you eat less.

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We are are present at the prime locations in #Pune with the aim to keep you Fit and super heathy.💪🚴

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Start your day with Gold Standard Whey to keep you energized and end the day with Gold Standard Casein to help your body repair.

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