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Affording Diabetes: The Real People Behind the Crisis

People with diabetes are struggling to afford their diabetes supplies and associated medical services. This problem has permeated individuals across all walks of life. Who is affected and what can we do to improve the situation?

Diabetes Daily Photo 2018-11-14 13:00

Every year, World Diabetes Day is celebrated on Sir Frederick Banting’s Birthday to honor the discovery of insulin - this year, the diabetes community is banding together to break a WORLD RECORD for most signatures on an e-greeting card, lead by type 1 diabetes nonprofit, Beyond Type 1. Sign...

Death from Diabetes and a Small Glimmering Light

Losing a child to type 1 diabetes is a traumatic experience. Beyond Type 1 has launched a program that provides resources, support, and tools for those navigating life after a type 1 death.

When do you seem to have the most IR? - Diabetes Daily 2018-11-09 00:00

Managing blood glucose levels can be difficult at the best of times. Do you find there are certain times of day that you are more insulin resistant and find it more difficult to manage your blood sugar? A member asks, when do you seem to have the most insulin resistance?

How Much Does It Cost to Produce Insulin?

Do you know how much does it actually cost to produce insulin? And if a truly competitive market existed, how much could insulin cost per person? Why are we paying so much more? Researchers set out to answer these questions for you.
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