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Living With Both Type 1 Diabetes and Arthritis

It's healthy to exercise regularly, but what if joint pain gets in the way?

Such is one of Laddie's concerns. She shares how arthritis scares the wits out of her in this post.

You Too Can Bolus for Chinese Take Out - Diabetes Daily 2017-09-23 12:00

"Imagine a tug of war. If one side pulls first, the flag in the middle of the rope becomes uncentered. Now the side that pulled first has a huge advantage that the other side probably can’t overcome. When we bolus we want the insulin and the carbs to pull at the same time so that the flag...

Can Virtual Reality Workouts Provide Effective Exercise?

What if you could burn the same calories as you would swimming or boxing by playing a virtual reality video game in your living room?

A researcher tested three virtual reality games to find out if they could provide effective aerobic exercise. Find out the results and read on to learn more!

How to Exercise Without Worrying About Your Blood Sugar

Have you been told it's too dangerous for people with type 1 diabetes to exercise without eating?

As Dr. Jody explores the interplay of hypoglycemia, food, and exercise, you'll realize that the reminder above doesn't have to true.

Review: KNOW Foods -- Once You KNOW, You'll Want to Try

Have you been searching for a grain-free alternative to some of your favorite foods? Search no further! Editorial Director, Allison Caggia, reviews KNOW Foods and shares some of her favorites with our readers.

Getting in Exercise Beyond the Traditional Sports

What's your favorite exercise outside the gym?

Go out and find an activity that will motivate you to get moving. You might find a new hobby or passion--something Brian can vouch for.
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LB Ultrasonido Photo 2017-09-23 15:44

¿Qué son las Trisomías? Una trisomía es aquella situación en la que existen tres cromosomas de un mismo tipo, en vez del par normal. El ejemplo más frecuente es la trisomía 21, que produce el síndrome de Down. Otras trisomías autosómicas son mucho mas raras y representan el 1% de los casos. Dentro de ellas las más importantes son las que afectan a los cromosomas 8, 9, 13 y 18. La trisomía 18 o síndrome de Edwards y la trisomía 13 o síndrome de Patau son las más frecuentes de este grupo. Tienen algunas características cariotípicas y clínicas comunes con la trisomía 21. La mayoría de los casos proceden de la falta de disyunción meiótica y llevan una copia adicional completa del cromosoma 18 0 del 13. Al igual que en el síndrome de Down también se observa una asociación con la edad avanzada de la madre. Pero las malformaciones son más graves y variadas y estos lactantes difícilmente superan el primer año de vida, falleciendo casi todos en semanas o meses.

HIMSS 2017 Enterprise Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence - Stanford Children's Health

The advancement in safety interventions for medication administration is just one of the reasons Stanford Children's Health was granted the 2017 Enterprise Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence by HIMSS. In a case study example, results showed that moving away from a daily medication cart fill to multiple fills per day resulted in... -a 21% decrease in missed doses -66% reduction in wasted doses -one of the lowest medication error rates according to incident reporting in the Solutions for Patient Safety collaborative Learn more about how Stanford Children's Health is using information technology to achieve better outcomes for patients by visiting http://bit.ly/2hnMSnd.