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CGMs Upon Diagnosis Moving Forward? Thoughts?

When were you diagnosed with diabetes and what was the popular blood glucose testing device then?

From urine tests to continuous glucose monitors (CGM), let's look back at the history of diabetes tools, and how people with diabetes learned to adapt to technological changes. https://dd4.us/2pwWqR4

Low Carb Spike? - Diabetes Daily 2018-09-22 23:00

Low Carb Spike? https://dd4.us/2QP1kFA Many people are finding success with a low carb or a no carb lifestyle when it comes to managing their diabetes. They are generally finding that their blood sugar graph looks like a ride in a children's park rather than the extreme thrill ride of a ...

Scare Your Soul Challenge: Kindness - Diabetes Daily 2018-09-22 20:00

Scare Your Soul Week 4 Challenge:
Diabetes Daily and Scare Your Soul have paired up to bring you a 12-week challenge to become more courageous and take you in a more positive, healthy direction. This week, learn how practicing acts of kindness can improve your life.

Managing Type 1 Diabetes is More than Managing Blood Sugars

Researchers say which risk factors are tied to various microvascular complications in people with type 1 diabetes. Having certain risk factors raises the risk of developing others. Read on to learn which risk factors are tied to retinopathy and kidney disease.
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