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DiamondBack Pain and - Please Join me as my guest at my Sherman | Gregg Diamond Intro Jonah: IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,COME | Here is a great..

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DiamondBack Pain and Wellness Centers Photo 2017-04-01 00:44

Please Join me as my guest at my Sherman Office tomorrow for 2 presentation times of Mr Jonah Robins, a mind body treatment expert as he explains Emotional Freedom Technique. An alternative to medications to control stress and pain.
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Dr. Alisa Muñiz Crim, Pediatric Specialists of America (PSA) Chief for the Section of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Medical Director of Nicklaus Children’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Center, will lead the English-language update on pediatric IBD research and treatments at the Bilingual IBD Patient Education Day Nicklaus Children’s is co-hosting with @ccfaflorida from 8:30-12:00 p.m. in the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital auditorium on Saturday, August 26. Activities will be available for children 12 years old and younger. The event is FREE but registration is required. To learn more or to register, please visit: http://online.ccfa.org/site/Calendar?id=144152&view=Detail