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Read your saved articles on Pocket with our own custom made article reader and download them as PDFs.


Perspective | How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality

How do we preserve our individuality in this digital age? This is what keeps us busy at night.


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With our Cloud to Cloud technology, Desktop allows you to copy files from one storage provider to another with a simple drag and drop.


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Desktop includes a powerful photo editor with integrated filters and the ability to save photos back to the storage of your choice.


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It's hard to keep track of what's important when we have so many options for storage. That's why Desktop includes a Pin button to keep specific folders in the Sidebar for quick access. Try them out in Desktop.


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Desktop's custom-built music player turns your online storage into the ideal music library. You can play back playlists and even shuffle tracks! https://home.dissident.ai/

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With all the features you'd expect from a modern filesystem and the same interface for every service, Desktop makes the daily use of cloud storage extremely simple and useful.
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