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dissident - Big news! ,Dashboard is now supporting RSS | We have just updated our website with a new | Add Instagram to your Desktop !,https://blog.....

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About us - Dissident - dissident 2018-04-18 11:37

We have just updated our website with a new section About US. Everything you you wanted to know about the project is here. Let us know if you have more questions about the projet!

Save the Internet - Chrome extension - Dissident

Our Chrome extension "Save the Internet" is a must have, save images, web page screenshots, pdf, videos or even torrents to the storage of your choice.

We've just added tons of emulated arcade games in Library

To celebrate the new movie #readyplayerone, we have introduced a ton of vintages game in Library. We hope you will love them as much as we do! Have fun!


Dissident is now a subscription only platform

A big news for Dissident.

As a small « boutique » platform, we believe that good independent software should be paid for by its users. It's a healthy model. You are not just paying for a platform, you are changing your digital life by creating a healthier environment for your content and socia...

dissident Photo 2018-03-08 16:51

Get a new perspective on your content!
Desktop is your modern File System, Dashboard your Social Content Organizer and Library connects you to the best Public Domain Catalogs available.
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ფლეშის ვინაობა დადგენილია! - Huawei Mobile 2018-04-22 11:38

ფლეშის ვინაობა დადგენილია!: Breaking News : რამდენიმე წუთის წინ შემოვიდა ინფორმაცია, რომ Huawei P20 - მა დააფიქსირა ფლეში სირბილის დროს. როგორც პოლიცია გვაუწყებს ფლეშის პიროვნება დადგენილია და ის მოქალაქე ბარი ალანია.