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Come meet and adopt our dogs! Lots of wonderful pets hope to find their families #eaglerock #petadoption #downtowndogrescue #adoptdontshop #eaglerockbark

Downtown Dog Rescue is asking for donations.

Reese a 3 year old neutered dog was brought to the South LA Shelter because his family feared that he was in need of another expensive ear surgery. He was shaking his head and had what appeared to be a hematoma. They had already paid for one surgery and could not afford a second. Feeling helpless...

Downtown Dog Rescue is asking for donations.

Our counselor at the South LA Shelter help pet owners obtain free spay/neuter vouchers that LA Animal Services provides to any low income pet owner who lives in the City of LA. When "Manchas" a 9 year old male pit bull needed to be neutered and vaccinated, our counselor also m...

Downtown Dog Rescue is asking for donations.

Belle, a 2 year old spayed Shih Tzu was brought to the South LA Shelter because her family was concerned that her face became swollen and painful overnight. Two weeks previously, she had been spayed and had no complications. However, the veterinarian did find a mammary tumor and had remarked ...

LA Animal Services - Downtown Dog Rescue 2018-10-15 23:21

El tifus transmitido por pulgas es una enfermedad que las pulgas pueden transmitirle a las personas. ¿C%C3mo puede prevenir contraer esta enfermedad?
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We need your help We are TOTALLY OUT OF PET FOOD

Each week we see between 75-100 pet owners who live in the Skid Row community who rely on us for pet food. We distribute hundreds of pounds of pet food each week. Can you donate a bag of dog or cat food or a case of wet dog or cat food? Your...

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Luna a one year old had an unplanned litter of puppies. Too often new dog owners do not understand that a puppy can have a litter of puppies. After giving birth she started to lose a lot of fur. Her family brought her to the South LA Shelter feeling overwhelmed. The good news, our counselor was...
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