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Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-29 10:35

We’re always working hard to innovate and develop safer and more sustainable paint products. That’s why all our paints are free of lead compounds. #BanLeadPaint #ILPPW2018 UN Environment World Health Organization (WHO)

Read more about it at: http://bit.ly/2AraRMY

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-27 02:00

Can you help us finish this crossword puzzle? Here are some hints to get you started! 😉

1. This paint contains KidProof Technology™, which protects your walls from common household stains*.
2. A paint that gives your walls the shimmer and luxury of pearls.
3. This paint contains ...

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-26 04:15

All the change that comes with moving into a new home can be stressful for a child. Focusing on things to help them settle in could make the moving process run smoother. 🏡

Learn how you can do so here: http://bit.ly/2QxI9jz

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-25 10:52

Illuminate your home this Deepavali with Dulux Ambiance™ ColourMotion. 😊 With a few brushstrokes, this special effects paint reveals subtle shades that changes with the light and as you move.

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-25 09:46

Cheerful and energetic, yellow has the ability to instantly add warmth to any room. 💛 Using muted yellows like Warm Gold 35YY 59/533 will help brighten up a space with limited natural light.

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-24 08:45

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Moving can be demanding, and sometimes you just need help making decisions. Dulux Visualizer App can make the moving process smoother by helping you make key decorating decisions! 😉

Download our Dulux Visualizer App today from Google Play Store (http://...

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-23 09:32

#DYK we were the first major paint company to eliminate lead compounds in all our paint? That’s why we’re supporting this week’s #ILPPW2018, organized by UN Environment + World Health Organization (WHO). It’s focused on raising awareness & promoting action to address the effect...

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-22 09:00

Hurry, tomorrow is your LAST CHANCE to win paint vouchers worth RM15! 😱 Visit our Instagram page NOW to join our contest: https://bit.ly/2CTKYYI

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-20 04:42

Join our Dulux Deepavali Instagram Contest to win paint vouchers worth RM15! 🤩 Visit our Instagram page to find out more: https://bit.ly/2CTKYYI

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-18 08:50

Did you know that we have an entire range of Dulux Ambiance™ Special Effects Paints? 😱 Can you guess the names of these products? Hint: There are 5 products!

Dulux Malaysia Photo 2018-10-13 02:00

Introducing Wall Couture, the latest home décor trend by Dulux. Wall Couture inspires you to express your individuality through your home décor with trendy shapes, elegant stripes, and unique styles.

To read more on Wall Couture, visit: http://bit.ly/2xm5xsd
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