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Returning, piece by piece

The Ross Fountain is making a comeback in Princes Street Gardens. Having been dismantled for conservation work, passers-by will see it slowly taking shape over the next few months as all 122 pieces are carefully restored.

Today we saw the lower parts and the b...

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Ill-gotten gains?

George ‘Jinglin’ Geordie’ Heriot was goldsmith to James VI and his Queen, Anne of Denmark, and made a fortune by lending money to both of them at interest, often secured against the jewellery he had sold them. Anne adored expensive pieces, and by the late 1590s both ...

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The father of the Scottish folk revival

Hamish Scott Henderson (1919 – 2002) was a Scottish poet, collector of folk music, catalyst of the Scottish folk revival, intellectual, socialist agitator, war hero, co-founder of the University Folksong Society, and senior lecturer at t...

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Onwards and upwards

From the 16th century onwards, the burghers of Edinburgh, due to a chronic lack of space, decided to build houses on top of each other. In other words, to build tenements. The result is that Edinburgh's Old Town boasts some of the tallest early modern domestic dwel...

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Chaotic creativity

At National Galleries of Scotland's Modern Two, you'll find a faithful recreation of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s famously chaotic London studio. This stop is part of our #Edinburgh101 trail, and allows us a glimpse into the extraordinary diversity of the artist’s sources...

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Edinburgh and the fight for women's suffrage

This International Women's Day, we remember the important role that Scottish women, and the city of Edinburgh played in securing partial female suffrage 100 years ago. In Scotland, the cause spread far and wide. The movement was more radica...

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Our city's hard-working heart

The Grassmarket is in the lower part of the Old Town, and was the service area of our great capital. Unlike the High Street, which evolved to block the effects of the wind, the Grassmarket evolved to allow it free passage. This is important, and allows fo...

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The father of modern firefighting

On Monday 15 November 1824 the most disastrous fire recorded in Edinburgh’s history broke out in a large seven-storey house at the head of Old Assembly Close. Twenty two fire engines belonging to the insurance companies attended.

Almost every building on t...

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As chill as the grave

On a snowy day in the Old Town of Edinburgh, nowhere seems quite as cold and forlorn as a kirkyard. To our ancestors these were places to visit throughout the year, both to tend the graves of loved ones, and to experience a 'momento mori' - a poignant reminder of...