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The Time Travel Artist - Edinburgh World Heritage 2017-12-14 09:00

The Time Travel Artist: The John Knox House on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is a well-known tourist attraction, described by one architectural historian as ‘improbably picturesque’. It is actually a matter of debate whether the fire-brand preacher ever lived there.

The house is certainly one of ...

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Lasting appeal

177 years after his death, we've noticed the huge popularity of our posts featuring paintings by Alexander Nasmyth – so let's take a moment to talk about the artist.

As a 16 year old boy Nasmyth was hired to work in Crichton’s Coachworks, painting landscape scenes an...

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A Christmas gift that lasts all year long

For all Edinburgh lovers, especially those that like to explore the unseen parts of the city, and have an interest in its fascinating history, there's no better gift this Christmas than membership of Edinburgh World Heritage.

Included in th...

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Managing a World Heritage Site

The City of Edinburgh Council planning committee has just approved the plan that will guide our management of Edinburgh's World Heritage Site over the next five years. This is a UNESCO requirement, and an important one – Edinburgh is one of the largest and bes...

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A place where coffee and ideas percolated

The Royal Exchange (today the City Chambers) was designed by John Adam (the eldest of the Adam brothers) and opened in 1760 to provide a commercial centre for the city’s merchants who previously had to carry out their business at the Mercat Cros...

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A must-have gadget for a Georgian kitchen

Entertaining guests was important to the status of the New Town resident, and so it was essential to have a good cook. And if you wanted to keep that cook, or lure someone else’s to work for you, what you needed was a Smoke Jack – a convection ope...

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Windy City

Violent storms and high winds are nothing new to Edinburgh. In fact, the first residents of Edinburgh’s New Town, during the decades after the approval of the plan in 1767, had an unpleasant shock when they moved into their elegant and spacious homes: the extreme wind. Wherea...

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Edinburgh’s most precipitous street

Until the 19th century, West Bow was a steep Z-shaped street leading from the Grassmarket to the Upper Bow at the foot of Castle Hill. It was considered one of the most important roads in Edinburgh, although the extreme gradient made it difficult to negot...

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Buy a 12-month gift membership and get 3 months free 💌🎄

Looking for a Christmas gift that lasts all year long? Do you know someone who enjoys our beautiful city and would love to be a World Heritage champion?

We're now offering year-long memberships (with an extra three months free)...

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Lawnmarket's fairytale townhouse

Today it is known as the Writers' Museum Edinburgh, but Lady Stair's house has a fascinating history dating back nearly four hundred years.

The house lies just off the Lawnmarket in a picturesque piece of Old Edinburgh. Perhaps its popularity lies i...

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24 Doors of Advent

From the 1st of December until the 24th, get a chance to peep behind some doors that are usually closed or require tickets to get into.

This is a free event spanning the city, as part of Edinburgh's Christmas celebrations. See the Early Italian Renaissance style of...