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Education to the Core - Teaching English: Creative & Innovative 2018-01-20 07:53

Education to the Core: I have a confession... I used to LOATHE teaching grammar! And the feeling was mutual with my students. During each lesson, they’d appear bored and their attention would wander, and they struggled to learn even the most basic grammar concepts. I soon learned that I wasn’t alone. I heard from other teachers that they shared my frustration with teaching grammar, and blamed it on the lack of effective teaching materials. They reported that the traditional tools they were using for grammar lessons sent their students straight to snoozeville. And equally as sad… they began to dislike teaching grammar, and dreaded each new lesson. It’s no wonder that grammar is many children’s least favorite subject. So, I decided to change that! I wondered: “How can I make teaching grammar a more positive experience for both teachers and students alike?” I spent hours researching ways to make teaching grammar and spelling concepts a fun and creative process in the classroom. Mission accomplished! I discovered that when I integrated fun, hands-on activities into my teachings, my kids began to LOVE learning grammar and actually looked forward to each lesson. It was a huge breakthrough, and led me to create my successful line of interactive teaching materials. I’m especially proud of my Interactive Grammar Notebooks. <3 Try them for FREE today: Grab the bundle and SAVE: