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#WorldBookFair Day 8
3 cheers for our #LuckyDrawOfTheDay winners, Devender and Inderjeet Singh
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#WorldBookFair Day 6
Congratulations to our #LuckyDrawOfTheDay winners, Jyoti and Surender Yadav
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How India changed the English language - EnglishEdge 2017-01-13 05:00

They are in there, often unnoticed. The words that have become part of everyday English. Loot, nirvana, pyjamas, shampoo and shawl; bungalow, jungle, pundit and thug.
What are the roots, and routes, of these Indian words? How and when did they travel and what do their journeys ...

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World Book Fair Day 4: Big congrats to our lucky draw winners, Syed Umar and Dr Pradhan
#WBF2017 #EnglishEdge #LuckyDrawOfTheDay

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World Book Fair Day 3: Congratulations to our lucky draw winners, Soumya Roy and Manish Chandra!
#WBF2017 #EnglishEdge #LuckyDrawOfTheDay