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Gibbon Street House by Cavill Architects

Inspired by #architecture with veneration for the past, the added structures at Gibbon St. were imagined as a series of relic-like garden walls repurposed to accommodate a practical living environment. #home #decor

Escala Partners - FinanceCorp 2018-06-17 06:00

The project reimagines the cloistered clubs of mid-century Manhattan when doing business was a glamorous act and a handshake sealed a deal.#interior123 #livingroom #homeinterior

FinanceCorp Photo 2018-06-17 01:03

Do you need to update your old and tired Kitchen or bathroom or just give your home a tidy up?

Let me tell you a story about Michelle and Daniel....

Michelle and Daniel live in a older home in the southern suburbs and went to their bank to refinance and increase their mortgage and borro...

Hide and Seek House by Bower Architecture

In a quiet street, this sensitive but tough new beach house creates an intriguing sanctuary, integrated with context and landscape. #decoration #instahome #homestyle

FinanceCorp Photo 2018-06-15 03:06

Ladies day out...

Come down to the women’s expo at the convention center and say Hi to the FinanceCorp Staff.

While you are there you can enter our raffle for the $500 Ketura Day Spa Voucher....💄👠🎉🎊🎁🛍🎈

The Entry is FREE!!!

House Tour: A Salvaged Home in Western Australia

This home is absolutely chock-full of raw DIY; there are tin signs lining the kitchen walls, kitchenettes and old cupboards make up almost all of the storage solutions in the entire home. #cityscape #decor #perspective #house
FinanceCorp Video 2018-05-31 23:12

FinanceCorp Video 2018-05-31 23:12

How would you spend $18,000 if you were to access it today?

With interest rates at record lows in Australia. I am often asked by clients how to take advantage of these low rates. If your dream is to pay off your Home Loan, making additional repayments above the minimum monthly repayment...
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YES BANK Photo 2018-06-07 04:43

Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO, YES BANK - “RBI’s unanimously delivered 25bps hike has been balanced with a neutral stance, reinforcing MPC’s alacrity to retain inflation within its 4.0% target amidst hitherto buildup in price pressures led by crude prices. The rate action comes at a time when economic recovery now appears to be on a firmer footing. This stance allows RBI the choice to act in accordance with evolving macro and financial conditions, in both global and domestic economy in the coming months. Amidst many moving parts, this will entail a careful balancing of global headwinds from elevated crude prices, geopolitical tensions, and domestic policies of MSPs, state pay commissions on growth-inflation dynamics.” #RBIPolicy