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Deciding on Social Security - Financial Advisor Dallas 2014-08-06 11:45

Monthly payments differ substantially depending on when you start receiving benefits. The longer you wait (up to age 70), the larger each monthly check will be. The sooner you start receiving benefits, the smaller the check.

The Facts About Income Tax | Authentic Counsel, LLC

Millions faithfully file their 1040 forms each April. But some things about federal income taxes may surprise you.

The Good Ship IPO | Authentic Counsel, LLC

The seas of the market are constantly shifting, and whether the good ship IPO can set sail may depend heavily on the tides.

What to Look for in Personal Finance Apps | Authentic Counsel, LLC

Budget tracking apps allow users to record expenditures as they are made to keep track of bank balances and budget categories. Some allow users to make a budget and then watch how closely expenditures are tracking to it.

Rebalancing Your Portfolio | Authentic Counsel, LLC

The first is to use new money. When adding money to a portfolio, allocate these new funds to those assets or asset classes that have fallen. For example, if bonds have fallen from 40% of a portfolio to 30%, consider purchasing enough bonds to return them to their original 40% allocation....

Universal Life Insurance | Authentic Counsel, LLC

Universal life insurance is permanent life insurance — that is, it remains in force for your whole life. But universal life insurance has an important difference from other types of permanent insurance: it provides a flexible premium.

An Inside Look at Retirement Living | Authentic Counsel, LLC

Retirement living conjures up various images. Some see retirement living as traveling. Others envision more family time. Still others simply look forward to more free time.

Retirement | Authentic Counsel, LLC - Financial Advisor Dallas 2014-07-31 11:03

retirement money come from? If you’re like most people, qualified-retirement plans, Social Security, and personal savings and investments are expected to play a role. Once you have estimated the amount of money you may need for retirement, a sound approach involves taking a close look at y...
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