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We thought we would make some changes to our timeline picture...what do all of you Finerminds think!? Do you agree that we should all be making the MOST of our days?

Vishen Lakhiani's 3 steps to success every morning

Vishen Lakhiani's 3 steps to success every morning: First Classe magazine created this fun little video of Vishen's 3 best morning routines. Enjoy! 😉

He's also sharing some brilliant mind, body, and social hacks in this webinar airing on Thursday — book your spot here: https://...
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Stanford Children's Health - Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford Photo 2018-03-16 23:38

“From the beginning, the doctors and nurses gave us reason to hope. We continue to live through the advice we received from his neurologist who said brains can do amazing things when kids are young, so do not place any limits on what is possible.” - Nickole, mom to Koen (right), your Patient Hero for the Children's Fund, and his little brother Kody --- Koen is #WhyWeScamper. The Gilliam family calls Summer Scamper “Koen’s Race.” They treasure the event as an annual milestone marking just how far their beloved Little Dude has come. Register for the 8th Annual Summer Scamper (use code FBSCAMPER to save $5) and support more kids in our care: Read Koen's story on our Scamper blog: