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In 1830, Kirkpatrick MacMillan, a Scottish blacksmith, was driven with the idea that the bicycle can be more efficient if movement wasn't dependent on pushing the ground with your feet. Using his knowledge of forging metals, he added pedals to the back wheel using iron rods that helped pro...

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4-digit combination lock that is attachable to the bike stem. Forget the struggle of keeping track on your lock and never leave your bike unguarded! #FirefoxFever #EverydayAdventure

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Cycling is more than just getting to your destination. It’s the sites and experiences along the way that make your #EverydayAdventure

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Filling air in bicycle tyres is a simple process if you have enough practice. If you don’t, today’s the day to begin!
Remove the plastic cap from the valve. Unscrew the small nut. Attach the air pump the valve. We suggest over-pressuring a little since you will lose some air pressure while det...

Photos from Firefox Bikes's post - Firefox Bikes 2017-12-08 13:25

Firefox Bikes partners with Tour of Nilgiris - Experience nature.

Ride with us through three wildlife sanctuaries - Bandipur in Karnataka, Waynad in Kerala and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu, and revel in your #EverydayAdventure!

In pictures - Kickstart to the event at Press Club of Ban...

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Imagine two wheels and a seat with no steering or pedals! The rider would have to use his feet to propel the bicycle. Due to the limitations of movement and steering control, the Celerifere was usable only on flat paths mostly in parks.

#BikeOnTrack #KeeptheGearsTicking

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We just can’t stress this enough – hydrate hydrate hydrate! It might not be summer time with the hot Sun but you still need water! #FirefoxFever #EverydayAdventure
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