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Resources available to help those triggered by movie’s portrayal of residential school trauma:

The movie "Indian Horse,” based on the novel by Richard Wagamese, is now showing in theatres. The film deals with the traumas suffered by the main character and others while in resident...

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“I offer my condolences to those communities who have lost lives due to this crisis. We need to talk about this, we need to be loving and supportive to each other. We have to talk to our neighbours, families and community members about this.” - Dr. Shannon McDonald, Acting Chief Medical Office...

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After hearing a provincial update from Richard Jock, FNHA COO, attendees of Vancouver Coastal Spring Caucus take part in interactive text polling on priorities including Nursing, Home Care, Addictions Workers and Accreditation.

How I became a Patient Partner - Patient Voices Network

"I thought, 'I would like to share some of my experiences as a First Nations man, as a person who has lived on a Reserve in the Far North (Fort Nelson, BC) but now lives in the city, as a caregiver and as a person living with a manageable chronic disease.'"


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The 2018 Spring Vancouver Coastal Caucus is underway. Alec Dan from Musqueam Nation provided a welcoming, “On behalf of the Musqueam Nation, I welcome all those that traveled here to share with an open heart and open mind over the next few days.”
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