Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

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Flutter: Butterfly S - It's almost time for the weekend! Let's celebrate | Can you tell which event butterfly is poking | As the day of the monster..

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Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary Photo 2018-10-15 20:00

As the day of the monster neared, Hengjing returned to his village and ordered everyone to hide on a hill capped in flowers.

The monster was overpowered by the strong smell, and the village was saved! To this day, Double Nine is celebrated with walks in the hills, sweet smelling flow...

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary Photo 2018-10-03 22:00

"A long time ago in Ancient Asia, a butterfly village lived in fear of a giant river monster!"

The Juhua event is here! 🌼
For this special event, we're telling a traditional Chinese story to celebrate the Chung Yeung Festival in China! See a special tale reveal itself...

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary Photo 2018-09-20 23:00

It's time for a visiting butterfly bonanza! 🦋
For a limited time, butterflies from previous events will be visiting your forest! You can use their abilities or purchase them with Flutterbucks to keep forever.

Check out our FAQ for more information: https://runawayplay.helpshift.com/a/flutter/?p=web
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