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Ruhan Malhotra - Friends Another Name of Life 2017-08-19 18:10

No, a real man wouldn't just let you go. A real man wouldn't just let you walk away. A real man wouldn't just let you leave. You know what you can expect from him? Expect him to write you long paragraphs even though you don't want to talk to him. Expect him to make unplanned visits even though you don't want to see him. Expect him to fight for you even though you keep arguing back with him. Expect him to put his pride aside and show you how hurt he'll be without you even though you won't believe it. Expect him to wholeheartedly apologize even though you've lost count of how many times you've heard him say sorry. Expect him to do his best to convince you that you shouldn't give up on him even though you have every single reason to. Expect him to remind you of how much he loves you even though you're right at the point of hating him. As stubborn as you are, he won't back down either. As bad as it's gotten, he refuses to let it end. As toxic as it's become, he doesn't want it to be over. The truth is real men aren't perfect and they are very flawed, but when it comes to possibly losing you forever, they're not gonna just let that happen because when it's something real, there's always a way. So if you're still here for a real man, then hold on to him.