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Once Upon a Time, America Supported Palestinians

The same type of historical and political amnesia that effectively erased the Nakba from Washington’s political consciousness half a century ago is once again taking hold among U.S. politicians, writes Khaled Elgindy.

Can the U.S.-Europe Alliance Survive Trump?

Fifteen years ago, it was the Iraq War that divided Europe and the United States. Five years ago, it was the awkward revelation that the U.S. had been eavesdropping on the German chancellor’s cellphone. Now, it's the Iran nuclear deal shaking the foundations of the trans-Atlantic alliance.

How to Steal an Election in Broad Daylight

In Ukraine’s 2004 presidential election, droves of voters turned out hoping to oust Viktor Yanukovych. They received their crisp ballot papers and dutifully ticked the box for the opposition.

Four minutes later, their ballots were blank.