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Forgiveness GIVEN - 'YOU' told everyone about the 'DRAMA', but | #HEHasDoneGreatTHINGS | Father GOD, we come in prayer..., this morning | Pray for..

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Photos from Forgiveness GIVEN's post - Forgiveness GIVEN 2017-11-17 15:23

Father GOD, we come in prayer..., this morning lifting up my nephew (((Comodrick ‘Hustle Gang’ Willard))). GOD, it’s our prayer..., that the manifestation of “YOUR” divine will..., will begin to come forth. Father GOD, we are praying for an interception of EVERY fiery dart di...

Forgiveness GIVEN Photo 2017-09-01 02:30

If a person offends "YOU" and you forgives that person..., can the relationship go back to the state it was, before the offense ???

IMPORTANT: Debate..., between "US", James XmanUnlimited Ross and Shirley Ross !!!


Forgiveness GIVEN Photo 2017-08-10 02:08

We are a little pass the halfway mark of 2017..., "Forgive and Forget" !!!

Laying down the 'heavy burden'..., will definitely lighten "YOUR" load !!!