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BaBa Trick & Tipes: Hack Facebook - Hacking.baba 2015-02-16 09:45

Use Facebook in Hackers's Language "1337" | Facebook Hacks and Tricks, Hack Facebook Hey guys howz you all. Today I am going to share this news, every hacker loves the 1337 decoding language atleast most of the hackers do. So, if you Love 1337 then its a Good News for yo...

Resource Hacker Class 2 ~ BaBa Trick & Tipes

Resource Hacker Class 2 | Resource Hacker in Urdu Page Number 1:Page Number 2:Page Number 3:Page Number 4:Page Number 5:Class 2 Aur Copy Project Yaha Say Download Karlo. Download Here Resource Hacker Aur File Replacer Yaha Say Download karlo.Download Here Share This: Facebook Twitt...

BaBa Trick & Tipes: PC Software - Hacking.baba 2015-02-16 09:44

M.Softs Shutdown PC Via SMS | PC Software How To Use M.Softs Shutdown PC Via SMSSub Say Pehly M.Softs Shutdown PC Via SMS.exe ko Open karo1st Text Main Apna Name Likh2nd Text Main Apna Number Likh Jis Say SMS Send karna Ho3rd Text Main Secret Keys LikhoPhr Create Click karoThen Open M.Softs Shutd...
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