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Heal Your Life - If you want to deepen your connection with | Be patient and loving with every fearful | In this Free World Psychic Summit lesson,..

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If you want to deepen your connection with your animal then you don't want to miss Pea Horsley, Animal Communicator's Free World Psychic Summit lesson! In this heartfelt lesson, Pea shares what questions to ask your pets, what the most common messages animals have for their guardians, ...

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Be patient and loving with every fearful thought. Practice observing your fears as a witness, and you’ll see them dissolve. - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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In this Free World Psychic Summit lesson, Unique Insights Channeled from Deep Space, Tracy Farquhar channels the entity known as Frank, a collection of 8 beings who currently live in a distant galaxy. You’ll gain profound insight by drawing on the experiences and wisdom of Frank’s much older c...

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Do you want to learn techniques to help you give clear and accurate Oracle card readings? If yes, then today's Free World Psychic Summit lesson with Colette Baron-Reid is for you! In this insightful lesson, Colette introduces the concept of the "intuition gym,” and shares how to...

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Do you have the traits of a highly intuitive person? In her World Psychic Summit lesson, HeidiSawyer reveals the traits of a highly intuitive person, as well as presents ways that any one of us can increase our intuitive abilities. During this lesson, you will learn how to begin eradicating ...

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We hope you enjoyed the first day of the World Psychic Summit! We had over 100,000 people listening from all over the world.

Day 2 of the World Psychic Summit is packed with wisdom from amazing teachers in the UK – Kyle Gray, Lisa Lister/The Sassy SHE and HeidiSawyer. Listen now – these...

Heal Your Life Video 2017-09-21 11:00

Today ONLY! Did you know that your angels are always with you? In his beautiful Hay House World Psychic Summit lesson, Kyle Gray talks about how we are all interconnected and how our angels can always be found within. To listen to the full lesson for FREE here: http://bit.ly/2xo0A2W

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I am guided throughout this day in making right choices. Divine intelligence continuously guides me in the realization of my goals. I am safe. - Louise Hay

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Listen to Dougall Fraser's enlightening World Psychic Summit lesson today only! Dougall explains what color energy is and the attributes of the colors you see in auras, as well as the shadow side of each color. Dougall will walk you through a guided color activation meditation to see what colo...
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¿Qué son las Trisomías? Una trisomía es aquella situación en la que existen tres cromosomas de un mismo tipo, en vez del par normal. El ejemplo más frecuente es la trisomía 21, que produce el síndrome de Down. Otras trisomías autosómicas son mucho mas raras y representan el 1% de los casos. Dentro de ellas las más importantes son las que afectan a los cromosomas 8, 9, 13 y 18. La trisomía 18 o síndrome de Edwards y la trisomía 13 o síndrome de Patau son las más frecuentes de este grupo. Tienen algunas características cariotípicas y clínicas comunes con la trisomía 21. La mayoría de los casos proceden de la falta de disyunción meiótica y llevan una copia adicional completa del cromosoma 18 0 del 13. Al igual que en el síndrome de Down también se observa una asociación con la edad avanzada de la madre. Pero las malformaciones son más graves y variadas y estos lactantes difícilmente superan el primer año de vida, falleciendo casi todos en semanas o meses.

HIMSS 2017 Enterprise Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence - Stanford Children's Health

The advancement in safety interventions for medication administration is just one of the reasons Stanford Children's Health was granted the 2017 Enterprise Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence by HIMSS. In a case study example, results showed that moving away from a daily medication cart fill to multiple fills per day resulted in... -a 21% decrease in missed doses -66% reduction in wasted doses -one of the lowest medication error rates according to incident reporting in the Solutions for Patient Safety collaborative Learn more about how Stanford Children's Health is using information technology to achieve better outcomes for patients by visiting http://bit.ly/2hnMSnd.