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Heal Your Life - Do you believe in miracles? By Nick Ortner | Ready to let the universe help you out? Try | Here is today's Heal Your Life card pick..

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Ready to let the universe help you out? Try these techniques by James Van Praagh

1) Design your Own Sign

If you’re faced with an important choice or decision, let the universe know exactly the sign you are looking for. Everyone has his or her own way of connecting with the universe,...

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Here is today's Heal Your Life card pick from the Angel Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

The Magician

This card signals that it’s the right time to begin new projects! If you had any doubts about your ability to manifest your dreams, leave them behind. In fact, ...

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There are a multitude of ways in which we can give. It doesn’t really matter what we do—the point is to get in the habit of replacing our attention on ourselves with attention toward others. We must practice some radical humility, seek out others to serve, keep ego at bay . . . and do it without...

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Thoughts are the mind’s nutrition. When we focus on our inspirations and concentrate our thinking in the direction of our desired objectives, we pave the way for great achievement. Altering our thoughts alters our lives because our consciousness attracts and perpetuates what we think about, and ...

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Increase Your Self-Worth In 6 Easy Steps
Doreen Virtue On Becoming More Optimistic

Many studies demonstrate the benefits of optimism, including increased well-being, greater ability to cope with illness, and a higher quality of life. To turn pessimism around requires that you have a gli...

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Release your need to feel superior by seeing the unfolding of Spirit in everyone. Don’t assess others on the basis of their appearance, achievements, and possessions. It’s an old saw, but nonetheless true: We are all equal in the eyes of God. - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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এ্যাপোলো হসপিটালস ঢাকা-এর চিকিৎসাসেবা সংক্রান্ত যাবতীয় তথ্য ও বিভিন্ন ইমার্জেন্সি সেবা সারা দেশে ছড়িয়ে দেয়ার লক্ষ্যে, এবার নোয়াখালীর মাইজদী-তে উদ্বোধন হলো এ্যাপোলো ইনফরমেশন সেন্টার। এ সংক্রান্ত যে কোন তথ্যের জন্য যোগাযোগ করুন- ০১৭৫৫-৬৪৯৭৪৩ এই নাম্বারে।