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Healing Nurses - Instead of making New Years Resolutions, | Happy New Year! My prayer for all is that | Happy Winter Solstice! ,'This day is called..

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Healing Nurses Photo 2018-01-02 23:39

Instead of making New Years Resolutions, let's set New Years Intentions for a more balanced, well rounded lifestyle. This includes self care, healthy eating, a healthy work - life balance, deepening your spiritual practices, traveling and exploring, and loving with all your heart.

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Happy New Year! My prayer for all is that 2018 will bring you peace, joy, and good health. Set your intention for the New Year to bring your life whatever your heart desires.

Spiritual Significance of the December Solstice 2017 - Forever Conscious

❄ Happy Winter Solstice! ❄

"This day is called The Dark Night of the Soul. On the 21st of December when the hours of light and dark battle it out, we are all given the opportunity to retreat within and to discover ourselves on a new level.

If there are issues that have been...

Healing Nurses Photo 2017-12-02 18:08

I'm so excited to be speaking at the upcoming Trauma Multidisciplinary Conference at Sharp Memorial Hospital in January on Healing Touch and Reiki.

Mainstream Reiki - Healing Nurses 2017-11-08 17:41

There is now a show about Energy Healing! This show is on TLC and is focused on an Australian energy healer, Charlie who helps heal people where modern medicine has failed. I watched the season premiere and had chills the entire time. Charlie is the real deal and a gifted healer. The possibil...

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Mission Valley Core Power Yoga is having a special Chakra themed live music C1.5 Tonight at 715pm with Abby! I will be leading a chakra meditation just before savasana, checking chakras before class starts beginning at 645pm, and giving a brief chakra lecture after the class in the lobby. Lo...

Episode 1 - Nurse Andrea Mutascio on Healing Touch - Alice in Nursingland

Episode 1 - Nurse Andrea Mutascio on Healing Touch - Alice in Nursingland: My first Podcast is up now on Alice in Nursingland!! So grateful for the opportunity to talk about my love of ICU Nursing and Healing Touch/Reiki. If you have the time to listen, let me know what you think! Tha...
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