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Healthy Role Models is with Tanna Payne and Sarah Gilks.

Look what is joining our equipment list this Autumn for the Healthy Role Models Journey!!

We LOVE that our workouts can be done from home and also at a gym, and we are always looking at ways to continue to innovate and CHALLENGE the powerful women in our programs!

Master Trainer,...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Jill Hewitt.

Our community page is filled with images like this ❤️

Leading by example with your health and well-being is so much more powerful than you even realize. With our children, they are so much more likely to do what we DO, instead of doing what we SAY.

When you make the decision to start ...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks.

4 WEEKS TODAY!!! We know there is still a lot of summer left, but also know that you are looking ahead to September, looking forward to creating awesome routines and want to take the time to put YOU on that schedule!

With messages coming in daily with inquiries about the HRM Autumn...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Jessie Mathie.

And NOW our Grand Transformation Winner!!!!

This is Jessie!!! Jessie and her family moved to Nanaimo last year, away from everything and everyone familiar. They moved because they were tired of living a sedentary life and wanted their children to have a more active, outdoors...

Healthy Role Models is with Katelyn Ferguson and Sarah Gilks.

Now we are taking a break from our Finalist Transformations to share a very special recognition award.

One of the most magical parts of our HRM community is that it is made up of so many inspiration women who are incredible role models.

In the past couple of years, we have started kind...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Sarah Cushing.

Meet Sarah!

As a busy mom of 3 young children, Sarah, like so many, struggled to make herself a priority. Until this Spring!

She shared the following with us ~ “I am so happy that I decided to join the HRM community. I lacked energy, I was uncomfortable in my clothes, I wa...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Janine Breathet.

This was Janine’s FIRST journey with HRM and she is a self-proclaimed “HRM lifer”! Saying goodbye to 15.75 inches over the 12 weeks, and feeling EMPOWERED again!

She shared ~ “I can say without hesitation that the HRM program was a total life-changing experience. The program with th...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Poldi Holzkorn Groeneveld.

Our next Finalist is Poldi!!!

Poldi has tried many diets and workout plans before, and nothing had ever worked for her. Until she found Healthy Role Models!

This was Poldi’s first journey and she said goodbye to 16 inches! She shared the following with us ~ “It has been an ...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks.

This was Mary-Ellen’s 4th journey, but she found it the most pivotal one yet. Saying goodbye to 18 inches, and with physical changes that are very evident, she says it’s what you can’t “see” in the before and now photos that are the biggest changes. The changes that will far outweigh the phy...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Jacquie Dueck.

Our next Finalist is Jacquie!

This was Jacquie’s 1st journey and she lost 19.75 inches, and gained so much more! When she started, she ignored the nutrition part of the program. Within a couple of days, she realized that it was about FUELLING and not dieting. In no time, she was ...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Tasha Fontaine.

Meet Tasha!

As a new Mom, Tasha is learning that there are many things to balance and juggle. She shared the following ~ “Mindset is one of the biggest things that Healthy Role Models has helped me with! The community of women is just so inspiring and uplifting and it has really helped...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Jessica Giesbrecht.

Earlier this year, at 30 years young, Jessica was met with a health scare that made her take a close look at her lifestyle and what changes she could make. Since then, she has accomplished more in the last 12 weeks than she has in the last 2.5 years!

She shared the following ~ “The l...
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