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Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Jen Dykens.

Now for our 2nd Grand Transformation! Our 12-week journey is definitely not about weight loss. In fact, we DISCOURAGE the use of the scale, and don’t ask the women to weigh themselves at all! It is about becoming the healthiest, strongest, most positive, happy version of YOU!


Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Jacquelyn Suzanne Roberts.

Now, we are excited to announce the 1st of our GRAND TRANSFORMATION Winners! Yes, there are 2! 🦋

This was Jackie’s 3rd HRM Journey, but they were not consecutive. She spent the majority of last year battling an illness that was extremely debilitating, to the point where she couldn’t ev...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Kristal Kidd.

We wanted to have a special award this journey that speaks about the POWER of CONSISTENCY ❤️

This was Kristal’s NINTH journey with HRM, and along the way, she has accomplished SO MUCH! Our program really is about the power of CONSISTENCY, and making this your lifestyle, and Kristal i...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Theresa Hammond.

Theresa started her journey with a goal of losing inches and noticing physical change, but the BIG goals on her vision board were balance and consistency. She said she is an “all or nothing girl”, while at times can be a strength, but also one of her biggest weaknesses, especially when it ...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Kimberley Olson.

After a very challenging first half of the year with the premature birth of her 2nd child (born at 33 weeks) and the numerous medical issues and complications that followed, Kimberley found herself struggling mentally. She knew what she needed to help her overcome these struggles was a return...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Jess Barr.

Even through emotional stress, Jess found that when she focused on what she could control, such as being a good person, her workouts and nutrition, the promises she makes to herself, her intentions and her attitude, the stress didn’t seem to make a negative difference in her life like it...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Tannis Terry.

Tannis admits that she was hesitant to join something called “Healthy Role Models” because she thought it was for moms or people who had someone looking up to them. As a single woman who just celebrated another birthday unhappy, unwed and without children, she was extremely depressed and felt a...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Jill Hewitt.

This was Jill’s 7th journey, and she had a huge realization ~ this is a LIFESTYLE and the journey is not over after 12 weeks!

Jill had a vision and big goals for this journey, and what really made the difference was making the decision to step outside her comfort zone. She shared ~ ...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Katelyn Ferguson.

This was Katelyn’s 3rd journey with HRM, and she has now released 95.5 inches!!! She is the epitome of what this program is about ~ consistency, GRIT, being an amazing example for those around you, and never giving up!

Katelyn said ~ “For myself, I think what changed in m...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Danielle Lysak.

This was Danielle’s first journey with HRM, and she says, with confidence, that it will not be her last!

Danielle lost 16 inches, but gained SO much! She shared ~ “Upon joining HRM, I found myself surrounded by this amazing community of women from all different backgrounds and ...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks and Maureen Miller.

Maureen admits that she had low expectations when she joined HRM back in September. She joined with a group of friends, largely from a fear of missing out, and states that her expectations were blown out of the water!

In the last 12 weeks, Maureen lost 20 inches, built strength, ha...

Healthy Role Models is with Sarah Gilks.

Another festive treat that feels "naughty" but is NICE...oh so nice! 😍😍😍

This and SO MANY MORE healthy, delicious recipes can be found at 🦋

Gingerbread Protein Donuts
Servings: 6
Nutrition per serving: 108 Calories, 5g Carbohydrates, ...
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