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Continuing on with our Top 8 Gut Stressors;

No 2. Processed Refined Foods and Junk Food

Processed and refined foods and junk food are a huge part of the Standard American Diet, which is a problem for a lot of people because they do not contain the prebiotic fibre that feeds our reside...

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Our good gut bacteria are hearty and strong but like us, they cannot withstand a lack of support, ongoing. Depending on how many of these factors are present in one person will determine how their gut will function and what conditions they will develop. Over the next few days I will be sharing t... - Healthy Wife, Happy Life 2018-04-12 02:11

This week's Wellness Wednesday recipe is a delicious and nutritious Steelhead trout. Steelhead trout happens to be one of the healthiest fish you can eat, is sustainable, low in toxins and is one of the very few adaptogenic proteins you can consume. It also happens to be more affordable than...

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How many supplements do you take per day? I'm in a FB support group and I just read a post where someone is taking 20 supplements per day and stated there were a 29 more she could take but she wasn't sure of dosing!🙁 I just wish I could take all these ladies, give them a giant hug and let them ...

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I cannot believe it's been nearly a year since we launched our very first 7 Day Hormone Reboot Challenge! It's that time again!!! Grab your 7 Day Hormone Reboot here and get started whenever it works best for you!
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