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Heart U Not - Images you WON'T see on T.V.: Queen Speaking | ANNOUNCEMENT,We are proud to announce that | A true woman will bring out the honest..

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We are proud to announce that in only 6 months of doing Heart 2 Heart Relationship Talk Series that we now have a home venue!! Catch us every Monday starting OCT 22ND! We've had people like Sada Baby, Neisha Nishae, and Comic J Will come through and bless the stage. Every week ...

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A true woman will bring out the honest and truthful side to a man. She is his foundation for growth and development. Ladies, if you agree, #commentbelow #share #Repost . #follow #heartunot #realtalk

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This weekend is going to be 🔥🔥🔥!! Join the Heart 2 Heart Relationship Talk Series as we address your relationship questions. You know how we do!! No topic is taboo. All questions submitted anonymously. #sweetestday #poeticforeplay #heartunot #minishow

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Trust is something that everyone has on their number 1 list. Try to never break that bond between you and your partner. Do it more than once and you will have them feeling insecure and doubtful. Some will move on other's may give you another chance. Be respectful and mindful of their feelings. Sa...
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Heart U Not Video 2018-10-09 13:57

WHERES THE LOVE @nickcannon ?💔
On April 8 2018 we DM Nick on IG the publication of when Heart U Not made the front page of the business section in the @detroitfreepress. https://www.freep.com/story/money/business/michigan/2017/04/01/heart-u-not-timothy-hill/99723802/.

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Sometimes, we don't want to blame ourselves for things that have gone wrong or accept blame. Sometimes being the bigger person is more fruitful for not only yourself but for your relationship. Live learn or move on. #advice #realtalk #relationshipquotes #wordsofwisdom #fridaymood #respect

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Saturday Morning Motivation. #selflove Remember that YOU come first in any situation or relationship that you are in. If you are not mentally and emotionally connected to yourself, you cannot expect that you will exert positivity onto anyone else. Learn from past mistakes. That's growth. #...
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