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Organizers seek to extend homeless job training program

Pam Chambers has written books on public speaking, body language and presentation. She has worked with attorneys, entertainers and CEOs.
But Chambers did not know what to expect when Waikiki Health officials approached her about coaching job seekers who had been homeless.

Mattis slams China on South China Sea island weaponization

Mattis also struck at one of the key, longstanding disputes between the U.S. and China, telling the conference that America will continue to provide defense equipment and services to Taiwan and oppose any effort to alter the status quo.

Hawaiian Air launches Long Beach service

Hawaiian is using its new 189-seat Airbus A321neo on the Long Beach route, which will allow passengers headed to or from that Southern California region the opportunity to bypass congested Los Angeles International Airport.

Indiana teacher who stopped attack says he had to save students

Jason Seaman, speaking publicly for the first time since the shooting Friday, thanked the #Noblesville community for its support and stressed that he wanted the focus to be on the only other person shot during the incident: a 13-year-old student who was seriously wounded.

Overlook Crater vent broadens as rocks become ammo for future blasts

The size of the vent, commonly called the Overlook Crater, was an estimated 90 to 94 acres as of Saturday, compared with only 12 acres on May 5, according to Steve Brantley, deputy scientist-in-charge of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, part of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Halawa inmates find mercy in caring for sick and dying

Medical aides in the prison infirmary need the right temperament to do all the dirty work, take whatever the patients in the psychiatric unit fling their way, care for former tough guys now in hospice, and be gentle with people in a setting that is not gentle at all.

Democrats roast Trump at state convention

U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono attacked what she described as Trump’s habitual lying to the American public and warned of the dire consequences of the president’s “court packing” efforts as he hurries to name conservatives to the federal bench.
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