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IAS - When #SardarPatel asked, Hyderabad Nizam | The government of India has decided to shut | 12 Schedules of Indian Constitution | Woman Chief..

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IAS Photo 2017-12-15 22:12

↪When #SardarPatel asked, Hyderabad Nizam Refused 2 Join India

↪Operation Polo ws initiated
36000 Indian troops entered Hyderabad

↪Aftr 5day war, Indian Army took over. Hyderabad merged wit India

Heart Felt Tribute 2 Iron Man on hs Punya Tithi

Pic.: Hyderabad Nizam &a...

National Medical Commission (NMC) - All You Need To Know - Syskool

The government of India has decided to shut down Medical Council of India and bring the new National Medical Commission in its place to correct the whole medical ecosystem. Recently cabinet has approved the new bill to replace MCI with NMC. After approval of the parliament and President’s signatur.....
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