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Rainy weather ☔ Do you ❤️ it or 👎 it? Here's a quote about it – do you agree?

P.S. Remember that 'gotta' is very informal English, so shouldn't be used in writing!

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Here's a practice question for IELTS Academic Writing Task 2.

How would you answer this question? What are some of the points you would make?

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This is Amir's next adventure. What's yours?

Book your IELTS test and take the next step

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Are you hoping to work abroad with your IELTS score? Do you know which type of IELTS you'll need for migration? Find out here:

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In the IELTS test, using different words with similar meanings can show the examiner you understand a range of vocabulary.

Check out these different ways of saying small 👇 Which is your favourite?