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Indian Army Fans Photo 2018-04-19 06:08

Indian Army to train in Malaysia

90 battle-hardened soldiers from the #IndianArmy will leave for the thick and lush jungles of Malaysiaโ€™s Selangor, a Maoist bastion in the 1950s, to exchange ideas, tactics and techniques with one of Malaysiaโ€™s finest jungle and guerrilla warfare exponen...

Dr Anantha Krishnan M - Indian Army Fans 2018-04-18 07:09

Dear Indian Army Fans family,

We are backing this campaign called #Justice4Asim for a boy born without hands and with 90% disability. He is requesting Kerala CM to upgrade his school from Class 7 to 10. In support, a mass letter writing mission is on. Request you to ask your children to...

Indian Army Fans is with Ram Ajekar and Sandeep Kumar.

Short story of Inspiration to become an Army officer.
Am sure many such stories exist, afterall joining the Armed Forces is not a normal recruitement philosophy with CTC bargains like corporate.

Please let us know if we should include more like this on our page!!!

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