Intel - 你們準備好迎接全新一代的效能威力了嗎?,第8代 Intel Core處理器,即將在8/21.. | 準備好迎接全新一代的效能威力。,第8代 Intel Core處理器,即將在8/21正式發表.. | 全面升級、搭載 Intel Core 處理器的全新款的經典Microsoft....

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全面升級、搭載 Intel Core 處理器的全新款的經典Microsoft..

全面升級、搭載 Intel Core 處理器的全新款的經典Microsoft Surface,

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Intel - Intel 2017-08-08 12:30

搭載 Intel處理器的2in1,讓你可以用4K解析度觀看你喜歡的電影,就像你的行動電影院!

#Intel #2in1

Intel - Intel 2017-08-08 10:30

搭載 Intel處理器的2in1,只要充電一次,就能讓你享有長達10 小時的電池續航力。#Intel #2in1
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For those who appreciate simplicity and classics, here is #HuaweiP10 Plus in Graphite Black Get amazing gifts and enjoy awesome VIP services with purchase of a #HuaweiP10Plus. 1. Free accidental/breakage insurance on screen for 3 months. 2. VIP after sales service - 2 hours Diamond Service for P10 Plus customers inside Kathmandu. 3. Door-to-Door Pick up and Drop service inside Kathmandu Valley only. Get a P10 Plus, Get an amazing buying experience! #HuaweiMobileNepal #OO #LeicaCamera #HuaweiP10Plus

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🌊სილამაზეს სჭირდება აღქმა. მის აღსაქმელად კი საჭიროა თანამედროვე სმარტფონი Huawei P10 Plus-ის Leica-ს 20+12 mp კამერა. დაინახეთ სრულყოფილება Huawei-ს მეშვეობით.✨ 👑აქციე ყოველი კადრი დაუვიწყარ მომენტად! 📷 ფოტოგრაფი: Nika Mchedlidze 📷 ფოტო გადაღებულია HuaweiP10 Plus-ით #P10Plus #Leicastyle #vacation #perfection

Disney - Disney 2017-08-19 05:56

This World Photo Day we’re excited to announce the launch of the #DreamBigPrincess photography campaign celebrating inspiring stories from around the world! A diverse group of renowned female photographers have created a series of empowering images showcasing real-world girls and women and using the power of Disney Princess stories to inspire kids. From August 15-October 11, 2017, Disney Worldwide Services will donate US $1 for any public post of a photo using #DreamBigPrincess or like of such a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for a minimum donation of US $500,000 and a maximum of US $1 million to Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s program supporting adolescent girls’ leadership and empowerment.