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Van Gogh Museum Video 2018-02-23 14:38

When Vincent heard that Theo was to become a father, he wrote: β€˜Ah well, do you know what I hope for once I set myself to having some hope, it’s that the family will be for you what nature is for me, the mounds of earth, the grass, the yellow wheat, the peasant. That’s to say that you find in your love for people the wherewithal not only to work but the wherewithal to console you and restore you when one needs it’. Wheatfield with a Reaper, Vincent van Gogh (1889) http://vangogh.com/irDT30hJV3o

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Photo 2018-02-23 14:00

John Quincy Adams Ward’s depiction of a seminude African-American man was inspired by President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, issued on September 22, 1862. The muscular figure was executed with remarkable attention to anatomical accuracy. The broken manacles on the former enslaved man’s left wrist and in his right hand offer a succinct commentary on the chief political and moral topic of the era and clearly proclaim Ward’s abolitionist sentiments. http://met.org/2ENt8Ul Featured Artwork of the day: John Quincy Adams Ward (American, 1830-1910) | The Freedman | 1863, cast 1891

National Gallery Photo 2018-02-23 13:13

There is so much detail to uncover in 'The Courtyard of a House in Delft' by Pieter de Hooch from 1658. The carefully observed architecture, the decayed garden wall and the passage that leads to the street and beyond: http://bit.ly/2EUFVaT The stone tablet over the doorway was originally over the entrance of the Hieronymusdale Cloister in Delft. The inscription reads: 'This is in Saint Jerome's vale, if you wish to repair to patience and meekness. For we must first descend if we wish to be raised.' Discover more from this painting in Room 16.

British Museum Photo 2018-02-22 19:00

β€˜I love the sculptures of ancient Greece. They have been and remain my masters’ Rodin had a collection of over 6,000 antiquities, and even opened a museum to house them. He enjoyed showing people the subtle modelling of the carved marble in night-time lamplit tours. Many of these classical sculptures were weathered, broken or incomplete, which inspired Rodin to remove the heads, arms and legs of his own works. He was trying to emulate the archaeological fragments he collected, and those he saw in the British Museum – the artist was a frequent visitor after he first viewed the galleries in 1881. Our #RodinExhibition will bring together Rodin’s beautiful sculptures with the ancient works that helped inspire them – opening 26 April, book tickets here: http://ow.ly/CEN530iyCuE