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Karma And Wealth Photo 2016-03-16 03:49

Using Global Indices is a very good practice. Today we track DAX ( Germany ) which is clearly indicating a shift in momentum. Buying could make you good profits. Buy on declines .

Karma And Wealth Photo 2016-02-07 09:33

MRO-Tek is breaking a crucial level of 46. This stock is coming out of a slumber. If 50 is breached it could go upto 80. Put this stock on your radar.

Karma And Wealth Photo 2016-02-04 02:58

Long Term Buying - Bank Nifty faces stiff resistance above 17000. There are various long term supports coming in to hopefully stop the fall. Watch out for these supports on a Monthly Chart and wait for a Reversal Pattern in your Daily Chart.
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Two groups, from Japan and Belarus, arrived at #ELSThousandOaks on the same day and originally spent time only in their respective groups. Through group work in classrooms and their instructors using the communicative approach, these students were able to talk and learn about each other and eventually became friends. On this specific day, in lieu of doing separate activities, the students asked if they could play volleyball together! To learn more about ELS/Thousand Oaks, visit: ELS.edu/ThousandOaks #ELSCenters