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KFC - The Chicken Platter: coming to an oval near | Tag the Sweet to your Potato Mash | It's chocolatey and it's minty. What more | Something exciting..

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Something exciting is returning on National Chicken Nugget Day. Zoom in on the Nuggets to find out what 😏

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In celebration of Left Handers Day, we’re introducing KFC’s first Left Handed store 😉 Tag a proud leftie 👇

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Soccer is back! Introducing Kentucky FC, the Premier League’s 21st team 😉💪 Who’ll be cheering KFC on this weekend?

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Look for a cluck that wears an Aussie hat
Because our chicken is sourced locally and it will always be just that

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DEEP 🧀 FRIED 🧀 MOZZARELLA 🧀 Need we say more? Get cheesy with our brand new Zinger Mozzarella Burger 🙌

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We implore you to look for these signs if you would
To discover the story of how we're so finger lickin' good
Describe the location of each thing below
And read through our story, kfc.com.au/fried-chicken, and more about us you'll know

1. We source our chicken from Aussie supp...

KFC Video 2017-08-03 02:00

We go together like mint and chocolate ❤️ Our Mint Choc Krusher is only $2 during Happier Hour! 🙌🏻
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KFC Photo 2017-08-17 08:34

Win a round the world plane ticket to your gap year of dreams! A-level students get ready to spread your wings because for today only we are offering one lucky mother clucker the chance to win the trip of a lifetime! In celebration of results day, we have partnered with student discount site Student Beans to give away a FREE Mini Fillet Snackbox with every Krushem purchased in-restaurant. But the excitement doesn’t stop there… students can also get their hands on a round-the-world plane ticket to gap year freedom - learn more in the comments! Not in the market for a holiday? There’s still free chicken up for grabs! All students can redeem a free Snackbox in restaurant nationwide today only! Good luck chicken fans!