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REEL CUT 031715 V2 - KnifeShow 2015-03-24 22:56

Mike here - I've been doing a lot more editing and After Effects work out in Los Angeles. If you have a second, check out my reel from this past year! Thanks for the support, guys!
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Ministry of Health & Prevention | UAE Innovation Month Collaboration

Ministry of Health & Prevention | UAE Innovation Month Collaboration: الإبتكار هو أساس استراتيجية #كانون. مع الخبرات العميقة التي تحدد مستقبل طرق التواصل، القوا نظرة على تعاوننا مع Ministry of Health & Prevention من أجل حملة #الإمارات_تبتكر. بهدف تعزيز بيئة ذات وعي صحي، تم ابتكار أرضية تفاعلية باستخدام أجهزة عرض Xeed. بإمكانكم تطوير اتصالاتكم من خلال التواصل معنا‎ Innovation is at the heart of Canon’s strategy. With immersive experiences shaping the future of communication, take a look at our collaboration with Ministry of Health & Prevention for the UAE’s month of Innovation. Promoting a health-cautious environment we’ve utilized immersive interactive floor projections via our Xeed projectors! You too can start transforming your communications, by simply contacting us. To learn more visit: #CanonME #UAE_Innovates