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Airplane Facts Airlines Don’t Want You to Know - The Crazy Facts

Sure, airplanes can quickly take you across oceans and various landscapes and they certainly save a lot of time. But remember the first time you flew, the jitters, the anxiety and the awe. Well, we aren’t trying to ruin it for you but these crazy facts about airplanes might change a lot of things!

Top 10 Things You didn’t Know About Elephants - The Crazy Facts

Elephants are intriguing creatures. Their huge size, their silent demeanour, the long nose and those floppy ears continue to fascinate people. They are the largest land animals on Earth and have two species, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Read on to know more about 10 other thing...

10 Cool Facts About Koalas - The Crazy Facts

The cute cuddly little animals hugging trees easily become the object of everyone’s affection. Koalas are found in eucalyptus forests of Australia. Did you know that many people believe that they are related to bears when in fact they are more closely related to wombat and kangaroo. Check out 10 mor...