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Korallreven Photo 2016-04-15 10:32

Hiya, could eeeeeaaaasily used this place to spit out all that's wrong with the music biz (most of it has to do with that it is most often only biz and not about, well, music) but let's skip that for now and maybe also forever since it's only a downward spiral and instead focus on,...

Here In Iowa (Peaking Lights' Disco Dub)

If you felt like ”Oh, wow, I do really really really love this!!!” when you first heard Here In Iowa but wished that it was twice as long and that it should be in a disco dub version by Peaking Lights. Then this is, sort of, for you:


Also, there's only a handful left of the limited edition Here In Iowa print. 70 x 100 cm, signed and numbered in 20 copies. Many have wondered where this pic of this "jungle" is from. Answer: the pic was taken on a trip to Waiheke Island, New Zealand.