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The only place in the world where your heroes line up for you; Madame Tussauds! Tickets at:

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Walk among the clouds, high above the Land Down Under at the Skywalk in the Sydney Tower Eye. Tickes at:

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Life is too short to live it scared. So live it up and begin by diving with sharks only at the Melbourne Aquarium. Tickets at:

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Here is a place where you can have all the fun under the sun. From exotic food to amusement park rides, the Royal Melbourne Show has it all! Tickets at:

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Teach your children the importance of believing in themselves at KidZania; a magical land where your child can be whatever they want to be. Tickets at:

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Sharks, like many of the watery beasts, are older than us and have been living on Earth for over 450 million years! Who would not want to dive with them? Tickets at:

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There is a land, not too far away, where hopes and dreams can come true in an instant. This mythical, mystical land is KidZania, where you can be what you want to be. Tickets at:

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EsselWorld- a planet exisiting on its own, free from the concerns of the outside world. A planet that is truly fun. Tickets at:

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Delve down under the waves to catch a glimpse of the beautiful life that calls that Harsh Mistress its home at the Melbourne Aquarium! Tickets at:

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This step-well, famously known as the Agrasen ki Baoli, is not your traditional step well! No sir! It is steeped in history dating back to the times of the legendary Indian king Agrasen! Tickets at: